Your Products page is the central hub where all of your product data can be found.

  • The information shown on your Products page will reflect the filters (Date Range, Vendor, Type, Sold Products, and Status) at the top of the page - make sure that the filters are set to show the products you're interested in seeing data for

  • Under Sold Products choose which of your store's products you want to view - all of them, those that were sold, or those that are unsold only

  • Under Status select which alotment of products you want to view - those that are Active, those that have been Archived, or those that are Drafts (not being sold yet)

  • The Products page is divided into four sections

    1. Products List - a full list of products that fall within the filters you've selected at the top of the page

    Select between Show as Average or Show as Total to adjust the values in the following columns: Taxes, COGS, Revenue, and Profit

    Edit a product's details by clicking the three blue dots in the row containing the product that you wish to update

    Search for specific products with the search bar on the top-right of the table

    Export your products' info by clicking the Export button on the top-right of the table

    Note: Products with fewer than 10 units in stock will be highlighted in orange

    3. Vendor and Products-Related Reports - where you can find pre-made Monthly Vendor or Monthly Product reports

    4. Inventory - the tiles at the bottom of the page summarize all of your inventory's data including Inventory Retail Value, Total Inventory Units, and Inventory Costs

    5. Products - here's where you can view your Best Sellers, Most Profitable products, and Least Profitable product

    Note: You can select Variants at the top of this section to view the best sellers and most/least profitable variants.